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October 29, 2015
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May 15, 2017

Merged EPG and PVR

In the grid EPG, for each channel, the recordings appear before the broadcast events.
There is no timeline for the recordings; they appear concatenated left to right from the older to the newer; the size of the box for a recording is proportional to its duration (using the same time scale than the timeline for current and future events).
The EPG can be filtered to display only PVR related events by pressing yellow color key and choosing recordings filter. The channels w/o recordings and scheduled events are not displayed. In that case only the recordings and the scheduled events are displayed
When the user selects a recording, the event description is displayed and an extract is played back in the video thumbnail; the user may launch the playback of the recording; the user may also delete the recording.
f there is no CatchUp TV, recordings would show right before current event.
If recordings start time overlaps with some CatchUp event it would be placed next to it, and if they are recorded before CatchUp time they would follow one another before CatchUp events.

Merged EPG and PVR

Filtering EPG

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