October 29, 2015
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October 29, 2015

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There are three layouts available for the info banner: Standard view, Extended view and Service info.

Standard view is shown after a channel zap or by pressing a dedicated key on the remote controller. When zapping, info banner closes automatically after 5s. Arrows only appear when user triggers the info banner and in that case info banner remains visible. If user browses the events and goes to another date then the corresponding date will appear above the service indicators. Following information are shown in the standard view: Service index, Active channel indicator, Service name, UHD/HD indicator, Dolby indicator, PayTV indicator, Skip channel indicator, Locked channel indicator, Extended info availability indicator, Current event name, Event start and ending time, Progress bar of the current event, Current time and date.

Extended view is activated when user presses the INFO button in standard view. Extended view adds the following information: Extended description of the event, Event type, Event parental control rating, Event date, DVB data indicators (multiple audio tracks, subtitle tracks, teletext, HbbTV application). In Extended view there is also an information of how to Schedule or Record the future event (on the current event those information will not be available).

Service Info is accessed when pressing INFO button while in Extended view. Service info shows information about the carrier and the ACTIVE service.

Info Banner - Standard view

Zap by number

Info Banner - Extended View




Sizes & Fonts

Info Banner - Extended View / RECORD option

Info Banner - Service Info




Sizes & Fonts


In standard view navigation is done by using the arrow keys on the remote controller. By pressing up/down arrows user can browse through the services without zapping. Indication of the active channel is shown next to the channel name by a small triangle (play icon). Left/right arrows are reserved for browsing through the timeline of the selected service. By pressing OK button, if on a different channel than currently viewed, application shall zap to that channel. Back or Exit button closes the info banner - standard view.

In extended view user can schedule a recording or a reminder of the selected future event by pressing dedicated color keys*. When those keys are pressed notification appears on the left side and corresponding icon** is displayed next to the event name. If the description of the event has more than 12 lines of text user can scroll through the text using the up/down arrows. User can still browse through the timeline using the left/right arrows. By pressing OK button, if on a different channel than currently viewed, application shall zap to that channel. Back button closes the extended view and displays the standard view. Exit button completely closes the info banner.

In Service info user can only view the information of the currently active service. Back button closes the service info and displays the previously viewed extended info. Exit button closes the info banner.

Info button on the remote controller cycles these states:
Standard view - Extended view - Service info

*Color keys for scheduling should also work in the standard view.
**Remind and record icons should also be displayed in standard view.

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