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July 21, 2015
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August 2, 2015


Scheduled reminder zapps to defined EPG event or to the defined channel at custom time, asking user to confirm or cancel zapp with a pop-up which is displayed for 5 seconds after which channel is zapped.

Scheduled recording performs recording of one EPG event (whole event or part of the event if user stops recording) or custom set recording on certain channel for certain amount of time.
Device shall support only one recording per time.

Scheduling event is possible from info banner and EPG with red color key for record and green color key for reminder.

Scheduled recordings manager shall contain the following information about scheduled recording items:
Service name
Item name that represents EPG event name. For custom schedules name is generated in format: Channel-YY-MM-DD-HH-MM

For the selected item in scheduled recording list following extended information shall be displayed:
Start local time & end local time of the event
Parental control rating for the event
Date of schedule.
Short description of event.
Schedule for recording is differentiated from remainder by graphical icons.
Adding custom schedule defines type of schedule (Record or remind), time, date and duration of the event, channel and repeat option (once, daily, weekly).
Initial date in custom schedule pop-up is current date and initial time is an hour from current time.
Validation of input is done upon pressing OK for conformation and if input isn't valid red exclamation mark is displayed next to input category.


Sizes & Fonts

Scheduler Shortcuts

EXIT Go back to the LIVE
BACK Go back to Main Menu
UP / DOWN Select respectively item in the list.
After clicking on green or yellow color keys selects the options
CH+ / FRW Page up
CH- / FFW Page down
RED Removes schedule after confirmation pop-up
GREEN Adds pop-up with overlay and settings for custom event
YELLOW Adds pop-up with overlay and settings for editing scheduled event
LEFT / RIGHT After clicking on green or yellow color keys shuffles the options for selected setting
INFO Displays the long description

Remove Pop-Up Confirmation

Adding custom event


Sizes & Fonts

Wrong input

Editing event

Pressing INFO button

Reminder pop-up



Navigation in the list of scheduled events is done by pressing up/down arrows on the remote controller.

After pressing the red color key pop-up is displayed for confirming removal action.

Pressing the green color key displays pop-up for adding custom schedule.

Pressing the yellow color key displays pop-up for editing schedule which looks the same as pop-up for adding custom.


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