July 9, 2015
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July 21, 2015


Scheduled recording performs recording of one EPG event (whole event or part of the event if user stops recording) or custom set recording on certain channel for certain amount of time (Defined in Scheduled programs).
Device shall support only one recording per time.

Recording is performed until one of the following event occurs:
• The current EPG event is finished,
• The pre-set time for PVR recording is expired,
• The user stops recording.

Device shall support recording of one service in background while another service is already playing on different source.

Services from locked channels can be recorded, but playing recorded video will prompt for PIN entry.

Device shall support capturing of all transport stream data (audio, video, subtitles and teletext components) and PAT/PMT table data.

Device shall support storing additional PVR recording information to a separate Meta info file.

This information includes following data about recording: service name, EPG event name, EPG event description, start and end time of the recording, encryption type.

Default names:

From EPG: “ Channel-NameOfTheEvent”

From a Timer: “Channel-YY-MM-DD-HH-MM”

It shall be possible to change the name with virtual keyboard.

If user tries to play recording from a locked channel PIN entry is requested. PIN entry is done same as in the channel list.

Recorded TV programme is differentiated from recorded RADIO programme by graphical icons.


Sizes & Fonts

Recordings Shortcuts

LEFT / RIGHT Filtrates the lists: “Recorded- TV”, “Recorded - Radio”, and “All”
EXIT Go back to the LIVE
BACK Go back to Main Menu
UP / DOWN Select respectively item in the list
OK Zap to the appropriate recording
CH+ / FRW Page up
CH- / FFW Page down
RED Removes recording after confirmation pop-up
BLUE Renames item using virtual keyboard

Remove Pop-Up Confirmation


Sizes & Fonts

Renaming Items

PIN Entry



Navigation in the list of TV recordings is done by pressing up/down arrows on the remote controller. By pressing the OK button, user plays the selected recording. By pressing left/right arrows, user can filter Radio and TV recordings.

After pressing the red color key pop-up is displayed for confirming removal action.

Pressing the blue color key displays the keyboard which is the same as SEARCH keyboard in Channel List with difference in icons.


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