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May 25, 2015
July 9, 2015

Channel List

Channel list is activated by pressing OK or List button on the remote controller while watching live TV. Channel list consist of up to seven shown channels per list. Channel list shall support following service lists:

• List of all services (TV and radio)
• Up to 5 favourite service lists
• List of recently watched services (from all sources)
• TV service list (only TV services from all sources)
• Radio service list (only Radio services from all sources)


Sizes & Fonts

Channel List Shortcuts

LEFT / RIGHT Navigate in the lists: “Channel List - TV”, “Channel List - Radio”, and “Favorites” (1 to 5 favorite lists; only 1 empty list to be displayed)
EXIT / BACK Go back to the LIVE
UP / DOWN Select respectively CH- or CH+ in the list
OK Zap to the appropriate channel
CH+ / FRW Page up
CH- / FFW Page down
RED Lock
GREEN Enables favourite option for adding and removing channels from lists

Favorite Option


Sizes & Fonts

Favourite List Shortcuts

RED Removes all channels from list
GREEN Enables favourite option for adding and removing channels from lists

Lock Option


Sizes & Fonts

Search Option


Sizes & Fonts

Search Shortcuts

RED Delete last character
GREEN Upper Case / Lower Case. The SEARCH is not case sensitive.
YELLOW Clears all text
BACK Goes back to search results in Channel List


Navigation in Channel list is done by pressing up/down arrows on the remote controller. By pressing the OK button, user zapps to the selected channel. Indication of the active channel is shown next to the channel name by a small triangle (play icon). By pressing left/right arrows, user can browse through the available lists.

By pressing the red color key, lock option is activated. In lock option, the user is asked to enter PIN number. If the PIN number is correct short check mark indicator is shown and the lock option automatically closes. If the PIN number is wrong, X mark is shown and user can try again. By pressing the back button, lock option closes and the channel list view is restored. Exit button closes the Channel list.

By pressing the green color key, favorite option is activated for the selected channel. User can assign channel to one of five lists represented with icons. If located in one of the five favorite lists, option for clearing all channels from the list will be available by pressing the red color key. In favorite options user can add or remove selected channel from up to five lists of favorite channels. There are five star icons which represent the favorite lists. Outline icon means that the channel is not yet added to that list. Fill icon means that the channel is already added to that list. Navigation is done by pressing the left/right arrows. By pressing OK button on an outlined icon, user can add the channel to that favorite list or by pressing OK button on the filled icon remove the channel from the selected favorite list. By pressing the back button, user exits the favorite option and channel list view is restored. Exit button closes the Channel list.

Search is activated by pressing the yellow color key, after which the keyboard is displayed on screen. User can navigate through keyboard with all arrow keys and by pressing OK on selected icon letter is assigned to search. Channels are filtered by assigned letters. By pressing BACK key, user can browse filtered list, after pressing BACK again list search gets deactivated.

Skip function is activated by pressing the blue color key. Skip function disables channel zapping while using P+ and P- keys, but it can be zapped from channel list.

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  1. Nikola Smiljkovic says:

    Do we always show one empty favorite list? It makes sense when all favorite lists are empty; TBD other cases

  2. Natasa Vukota says:

    One empty list is shown when all lists are empty, in other cases only Lists with content are shown.

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