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November 26, 2015
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December 3, 2015

C-More Live

C-More Live is a brand new Live TV application for Android TV devices. C-More utilizes concepts which all love in Android TV: flat and clean look and material design. However, it brings the spice of easy theming, cool additional, configurable effects and provides homage to the traditional TV viewing experience. Experience Live TV as a table top board, whereas all other parts of the user experience are organized around it and are easily accessible. C-More Live is fully designed and prototyped within UI/UX team, with the goal to push the limits of Live TV presentation in Android.

C-More Live nurtures an "easy to locate" approach for all the functions available, continuing the tradition of C-More solutions. All information are easily accessible in the tabletop manner; viewport would simply slide to reveal additional desired functionalities, such as channel list, settings, info banner, audio/subtitle selection etc. C-More Live is indeed alive - all actions are tastefully animated, bringing a playful, flowing experience to users.

Simple and effective.

Together with Teatro 3.5 MW from iWedia, C-More Live and Android TV are the best available consumer platform for IPTV, cable, satellite and OTT operators out there.

We continuously integrate our solutions with modern SoC platforms, including Broadcom, Marvell and other, and also provide referent HW environments in which next generation UX can be provided now.

Live TV watching experience

Imagine your Android set-top box or TV set, full of applications, Over-the-Top (OTT) content and connectivity being capable to act like a good old TV set you used to love. Giving you all that zapping experience, with channel listing, TV guide, rich metadata, in full screen mode, both for your antenna and IPTV. This is the essence of C-More Live, a next generation Live TV app for Android GMS-enabled devices.

For the operators, it is a great solution to quickly set up their IPTV service, together with broadcast, to any Android TV device. Real Live TV experience in Android, fully integrated with applications, search and metadata, available now.

For all your screens

C-More Live design is performed with responsiveness in mind. Being that TV, tablet or a smart phone, users can continue to enjoy Live TV wherever they are located. Therefore, UX team was tasked to resolve problems regarding simultaneous support for both touch events and the remote controller.

Rich watching experience

C-More Live brings a traditional, yet enriched view to channel listing and all the shows which are being broadcasted on Live TV.
Easily accessible TV Guide portal allows quick access to program listing, show and movie descriptions, full schedule, with the ability to set reminders and record content of interest.
Additionally, C-More Live brings a richer experience, by integrating all shows with quick links to all relevant metadata, accessible via some other Android application.
For example, user can get quick access to YouTube trailers, Wikipedia pages about movies and places, IMdB portal, all via a dedicated Android app, directly from the TV Guide! Also, there is a neat connection to all related shows and events.

C-More Live is brought to life in all the flowing, animated fashion with the help of C-More Framework. This is a lightweight GUI rendering engine, and a GUI development framework, allowing the creation of fast, 3D-enabled, animated, TV-like Android applications. C-More framework relies fully on Open GL ES and the accompanying libraries to provide smooth graphics, while exporting all APIs to Android Java applications.

A selection of TV-ready components, with a built in frame-by-frame animation control over graphical widgets enabled for 3D when needed, makes C-More framework a truly unique environment for next generation Android apps utilizing the big screen.

C-More Live is fully equipped with metadata linkage, from TV Guide events, to Android applications and richer metadata. This way Android user experience and Live TV experience are merged to bring the best from both worlds.

C-More carousel provides a selection of index cards, each corresponding to the related information, for example, IMdB page of a movie, Wiki of the director, YouTube trailer or fan video etc. When an index card is activated, corresponding Android app is opened to present additional information.