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Channel List

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EPG - events sync example


  1. HJD says:

    Launcher: OK

    Info Banner general
    – text fonts are way too small. This is common issue with most my devices that info banner is hardly readable.
    – real estate for text is not well used: why not use the entire footer for just the text (with LARGE fonts) , and move all other info (channel #, title, schedule, day/time somewhere else – eg. above the text or in top left or right corner
    – or we consider a very alternative design for info banner: channel, title & schedule in a small footer and show info text in portrait mode 1/3 of screen? My main objective is good readability from normal viewing distance.

    Channel list: generally OK but black font on dark grey background (FOXMOVIES) is unreadable. I know that background will be configurable…but can we solve the problem of little-to-no contrast? EG shadow font?

    Main menu: I suppose icons will be easily customizable… Font size OK

    EPG: font size….

    Other idea: can we not use latest Google text-to-speech to read the text?

    best HJD

  2. Milan Savic says:

    My major remark is about main menu. It’s like legacy from C-More 2.0. It doesn’t follow rest of the design.
    Is it really needed in combination with launcher? Should be part of it?
    If necessary, my expectation is to be was to be more like channel list submenu.

    Make sure that design address overscan issue with safe area or any other way.


  3. Krsto Lazic says:

    Similar comment to Milan’s:
    – Main menu should not exist as separate screen, it should be incorporated in the Launcher
    – This means that On Now (or Guide) and VoD should be accessible from the Launcher

    Other comments:
    – Launcher should have Live TV in the background
    – Guide should use principles from Beeline guide (design to be adapted)
    – Info Banner 1 looks solid, text size to follow Operator Tier requirements document

  4. Dejan Popov Tapavicki says:

    – Live TV in background of the launcher with ~90% of transparent overlay to dim the channel
    – Lose the top icons and make main menu items (Settings, VoD, EPG) to be as apps in separate row (placement of current Jio Apps)
    – Top banner only Search and time + icon for user profile
    – Transitions to be made with enlarging currently selected item + focus around it (neon color orange, blue, yellow)
    Info Banner
    – Definitely version 1
    – Good background with transparency fade out effect
    – No need for multiple pictures (Rules + Soch + Partners); just make one and put text in bigger font on the right side
    – Focus around picture (Rules) and by going left / right events and text change
    – Introduce event duration status
    Channel List
    – Use same transparent fade out effect as in Info Banner (fade out to be towards center)
    – Static focus on the center of the screen with enlarged text and changed text color. By going up/down channels are put into the center focus place
    – Erase event status duration, keep only channel name, channel number, channel logo

  5. Hervé says:


    I thought the idea was to (re)start from the NBN application and to revamp it.
    But it seems that this proposal is more mixing the Jio launcher with the old C-More Live app.

    @Dejan: could you (re)define the scope, please?

    Tx and regards,

  6. SH says:

    There are lots of common feedback from team so I will skip the common feedback

    1. Font Size or Bald type : This is common feedback but I need to highlight again, especially Font size of Info banner of channel number, not sure whether this is image or text. It is too small, both Channel number and channel image should be larger and channel number text should have bold type
    also channel list section should be bold but I like the yellow color highlighted for the selection

    2. Consistency of the GUI
    GUI/UI has some rule of consistency.. Like selection, you use the Yellow and white text match but you use White and dark background for main menu and EPG. I recommned to use yellow or other color. One of feedback from team for our UX is hard to find out which one is selected or highlighted.
    also if Channel number graphics is hilighted, channel number should be bold or highlighted… but seems like you missed.
    Data format is different in each screen (Infor bannter, EPG, etc) and this also needs to be standardized

    3. Custom launcher : this is Android TV operator tier launcher so we should have APP in the 1st menu item and needs to combined with launcher section
    Still 1st design looks like Google Leancback and live channel customization like we did for C-more live except EPG

    4. EPG : Do you have any plan to have traditioanl GRID EPG ? Still most of operator tries to take safe option for EPG with GRID type though they have some nice user experience in menu or others
    GRID EPG is still most used part of UI/UX and should cover all generation

    also your EPG hints that EPG page can be displayed by Genre, are we plan to do this or just one of example ?

    GRID EPG : I recommend to use PiP at least if we will cover the video with our graphics… PiP is somewhat unique feature which standard TIF cannot support at this moment and potentially can be expanded to multi tuner configuration

    EPG (Event Synch) – Are you following Google scheme for this ? Again, consistency. Channel logo and text should be colorful (I believe that it should be based upon the metadata provided) but just check.
    Are we planning to combine catch up TV and linear channel in one UI ? This is good approach and this becomes more common in modern UI/UX. Or just list of event ?
    Again, data format is different
    One minor “Re-Synch”, I cannot understand this, I think that you try to do “Refresh the EPG data and synch with back-end” ?
    What is the purpose of this page ? This is replacement of GRID EPG ?

    5. Info banner : This is more traditional but most of info banner should contain some icons for Dolby, Potential HbbTTV, Parental control, et. You need to reserve the space and show the type of icons.
    Data format does not look good, and should be flexible upon the region (each region take different data format).
    also shows some option of multi-lanugage and audio track

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