C-More 3.0.3

Iteration 3


New proposal


  1. Dejan Popov Tapavicki says:

    Zap Banner
    – OK
    Info Banner
    – Enlarge focus
    – Align row items (top/middle alignment)
    Extended Info Banner
    – Enlarge focus
    – Distinguish Watch/Record buttons more (change font color / rectangle focus)
    – Enlarge focus
    – Past items to be black/white
    – Distinguish event banner
    – Icon for catch up event is OK
    – Aiming OpTier requirements starting with Android Oreo
    – Installed Apps must be easily accessible from Home (‘Screen 0’); (Visible ‘Apps’ entry point / Single navigation action)
    – Maintains full flexibility for: App rows/columns/grids; Tabbed / sidebar-based / scrolling screens, etc.
    – Support for Recommendations / Channels (to be populated by installed apps)
    – Clear access to System Settings
    – Notifications indicator on Home screen
    – EPG/Guide to be accessible within Launcher

  2. Milan Savic says:

    I don’t see much progress in this iteration. All focus in in selection, or I’m missing something.
    Home screen is not fallowing suggestions we made. Proposal was to put main manu items in the top of the screen.


  3. SH says:

    Still I could not see the main screen and operator tier custom launcher… still looks like old customized Google leanback launcher… We need to see how main menu and app/recommendation/shall be displayed

    also Can we see the design of GRID EPG.

    Consistency : like hilight of Watch is different (one is Yellow underline, others are covered with Yellow marks and highlighted… font for date is different (launcher, channel banner, etc).

    Last commnent, this ping-pong feedback will not move ahead… I thought that we will do 1-2 weeks and move to next one, unless I saw the whole picture and architecture of UI, it is hard to focus with these partial screenshots…

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