File Input Screen

    Configuration screen guide allows user to define all necessary information in order to execute successful IF-set checker and later generate correct

  1. Under folder structure label user can choose to create new structure by clicking CREATE NEW button upon which pop-up occurs showing progress of creation. User can cancel this action by clicking CANCEL button in the pop-up menu.
  2. If folder structure already exists user can choose to click BROWSE button and navigate to folder on his drive which contains necessary structure.
  3. Workspace folder is defined the same way as folder structure and contains work files for generating
  4. Architektursteckbrief is a group of .xlsx files that define process behavior upon certain events and their interaction. ASB files are needed for correct scheduling of events on processor cores. ASB files are provided by manufacturer and user can browse them by clicking BROWSE button under ASB label.
  5. Event chains file is needed for defining optimal order of task executions on same core. It allows end of one task to be the start of next one so that they never overlap. By clicking BROWSE button user can navigate to Event chains.xml
  6. Under label Hosts user can add new host by clicking ADD NEW button. Hosts such as Application, SensorSystem and SurroundSystem host are parsed trough IF-set checker and used for generating along with scheduling events on cores.
  7. Host can be removed from list by hovering over item and clicking X which is shown in an item field.
  8. Same adding/removing method refers to DBC, Fibex and Ethernet configuration files.
  9. On any time user can click on DAVINCI DEVELOPER button and get back to DaVinci Developer for revision of parameters.
  10. If parsing was previously done, user can skip this part by clicking REPORTS button and navigate directly to IF-set parsing and generation reports.
  11. After all necessary parameters are inputted START PARSING button becomes active and user can start parsing by clicking on it.

Current status


Item Tooltip
Folder structure Crate folder structure or define existing one.
ASB Locate Architecturesteckbrief root folder.
Event Chains Locate Event Chains files.
DBC Locate network configuration file.
Fibex Locate network configuration file.
Ethernet Locate network configuration file.
Host Locate .arxml file from DaVinci Developer.
DaVinci Developer Navigate back to DaVinci Developer.
Start Parsing (grayed out) Please enter all paths to start parsing.
Start Parsing Parsing will take some time, please wait.