Error Log

When the process of IFSet checking is done User shell be greeted by IFSet errors list page (picture below). Beside two navigation buttons there are four lists showing in order from left to right:
Fatal Errors

1.Some items in lists have their background colored red. These errors are considered blocking and should be fixed to be able to produce valid archive. If there is blocking errors in any of the lists user won’t be able to proceed and create .
2. User can make changes in order to fix these errors by going back to DaVinci Developer. Clicking on Re-parse button will start the IFSet checker with the same input files for faster and easier development.
3. Clicking on error gives user detailed error description.
4. If all blocking errors are fixed then user can proceed to next step and create file just by pressing Proceed button.



Item Tooltip
Re-parse Go first to DaVinci Developer to correct errors.
Proceed (grayed out) Please wait for parsing to be finished
Comlpeted with additional information .
Comlpeted with warning.
Comlpeted with error.
Not completed. Fatal Error.